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Cancelled: Sunday Salon 28th June ‘Community resilience’

This event has been cancelled. Please check the Sunday Salons page for more inspirational talks and events from Life Itelf.

Join us for a discussion on the ‘Networks of Socio-Ecological Resiliency in Collaborative Agrarian Communities in the Himalayan Region of Ladakh, India’ from a new friend of Art Earth Tech community Rory Egan Curtin. She is a buzzing community organiser with tonnes of energy and ideas, and we are excited to welcome her! 


The Himalayan region of Ladakh, India, has recently seen social-ecological transformations occur at an unprecedented rate, with unpredictable ramifications for social-ecological systems (SES), the economy, and food security, as increasing numbers of farmers abandon their traditional farming practices to seek higher education and enter the wage labor market in urban centers. The research I will present at Life Itself asks why these changes are occurring, and what will likely be the consequences for the culture and ecology of this unique agrarian region. What makes this discussion of particular interest to sociologists, urban planners, and systems thinkers alike, is systems theory has yet to identify the level of interdependent complexity and collaboration at play in traditionally agricultural and collaborative communities. This is significant because the collaborative culture of such farming societies may present a more resilient approach to how communities can work with one another and their environment, fostering more cohesion rather than competition, and ensuring greater food security and social cohesion. Inspiration for a better future?


Rory Curtin is a doctoral student at Humboldt University in Berlin, who graduated from Columbia University with her MA in Tibetan Studies. Her research focuses on the macro-significance of findings that can illustrate the benefits of cooperation specific to agrarian societies. As, she recognizes the potential to incentivize governments to encourage community-based agriculture through subsidies, not only for the benefit of preserving aspects of traditional culture, but serve to protect the resilience of fragile ecosystems. She currently lives in Berlin. 

You are welcome to drop in just for a part or join for the whole session. 

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