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No suffering is meaningless if it compels us to act: watch our latest film in response to Coronavirus

Watch our video response to the Coronavirus and join our Saturday Community Calls on the opportunities and lessons to take away from the Coronavirus

Saturday 6-8PM (CET) 5-7PM (UK)

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It is important in these times to put things in perspective and to do that, let’s first breathe and find our calm.

The Chinese word for crisis is composed of the word “Danger” and “Opportunity”. Right now, there is a lot of the conversation in the public space coming from a place of “fear” and focused on the danger and disruption.

Here, at Art/ Earth / Tech we would like to emphasise more the “Opportunity” – without in any way diminishing or denying the suffering arising for people – but focusing more on the lessons and reflection that we may take from it. This is a chance to reflect on our way of life and discover that we could live less busily and more humbly, spend more time with our family, play more with our children. An opportunity to look at our mortality and appreciate the preciousness of life and our loved ones.

Join our community call this Saturday 6-8pm (CET) 5-7PM (UK)