Voir is a book of film photography taken by Sylvie Barbier around the world. It is part of the exhibition in Taipei “A pieace of me, for a pice of you”.

Dear You,

May you look into yourself and see the world. May you look into the world and see yourself. May you act on your dreams and fall in love with unexpected beauty. May you discover and penetrate the magic of what it is to VOIR.

Art for me is an act of connection between you and me. So I ask a piece of you, for a piece of me. For each piece of my art, I offer you a choice in what to share: either money or a lock of your hair with a story of you. Money represents your mind and body through the time and energy you used of both in acquiring it. Your hair and your story represent your spirit – your true being.

Art should be accessible to all: in price, aesthetic and concept. This is why the photography you see is not numbered – so it can be reprinted without limit. It is why the art is priced so that even a student could afford it. Speculation should not be what drives the price and significance of an artwork, rather it should be the value it brings when it touches us, when it shows us something about ourselves or our societies.

By purchasing my work or sharing your story, you contribute to me and to art. You support the people who dedicate their life to touch and move what is human in you. Even if I was the originator of this piece, it does not belong to me. It belongs to all of Humanity, of which you are part.