Life Itself


The LEAP is the Life Expression and Aspiration Project – and a new model for education in Taiwan.

In its structure, the LEAP is living experiment to develop and advocate for pedagogical techniques and an educational system that is wiser and weller. Currently, the main part of our work is carried out through the design and implementation of novel educational programs in Taiwan.

Life Itself provided key initial inspiration, consulting and incubation for The LEAP along with ongoing support.

What Would a Wiser, Weller Education System Look Like?

What would a wiser, weller education system look like? What is the vision of human nature implicit and explicit in different educational systems (eg. the different ontologies and ontogenies)? Although it ’s deep purpose (or ontology) is rarely explicit – modern universal education was designed 200 years ago to train future factory workers and prepare children to become productive members of our economy first and foremost. In contrast, the LEAP stands for an education that puts “human flourishing” as an all encompassing priority for education without dismissing the economical aspects of things (eg. having a metier is important but only when it contributes to live the fulfilled lives they chose to live).

For more info see the wise education vision from the Life Itself 2019 gathering.

Why Taiwan?

Why Taiwan? The LEAP chose Taiwan because it is a country where “factory style” education has been pushed to the extreme: Standardized testing and rote memorization are at the center of an education system where children work long hours at school and go to cram schools until late at night (eg. 1011 PM).

For more info see the SCQH developed by Life Itself on the situation in Taiwan.

The Taiwanese government has started to move away from “factory style” implementing important curricular reforms. Yet, developing these take more than just a new policy – it will take a new educational culture. Without an evolution in culture, policy innovations will fail as teachers will remain stuck in the old mentality and applying their old tools. Yet, a new culture takes deep practice and experience. To contribute to this new culture and mentality shift, the LEAP hosts “anti-cram summer programs” where schools become a place where students are not driven by external standards or pushed to produce the “correct” behaviour and instead become a space for students to be heard, expressed and driven by what is within them.