Outgoing London hub member Alex Kennedy reflects on his six months in the Hub

When I first found art/earth/tech I was taken in by how it seemed to have touched upon all the elements I had come across as solutions in my own search of answers to the profound problems we face today. Coliving, visions, wellbeing and practicality.

Its need for a connection to the earth that we come from. To our history and our true nature. A grounding in wisdom and knowledge.

The potential displayed in front of us through the capability of technology. The impacts it can bring to our society and our lives if we’re able to harness its power in bringing new possibilities.

And the significance in art. Defining our cultural compass through all its mediums on every scale. The importance as a societal mouthpiece to create the narratives we need to see and hear.

I have begun to break down these concepts into symbols and areas in the hope of also framing my own work in similar ways so I can draw others as I have been drawn to Art/Earth/Tech. (example of this pictured below)

I read Rufus’s book when I first moved into the hub. It really helped me to understand the framing on how our world is constructed, based off old rules unsuitable for the progression we know today. Its legal structures, its approach to ownership and how an almost lazy placement of this into a profoundly new landscape has become the root of so many issues we face today surrounding technology.

A huge swath of what we know has only ever been added to from what came before. Even the keyboard I write this with has been designed based on the needs of a mechanic typewriter to avoid parts clashing together.

Design can evolve gradually. But full system regeneration is hard. Cultural change is hard. Habits, die hard.

But we need to transition beyond anything thats come before. Use nature as our guide. We need to frame the problem in completely new ways and break down every obstacle that stands in its way.

We need new visions for our future. Or we won’t have one to pass on.

We need to use the potential we have. Squandered currently in a thousand areas by a false story we’re told about how things should be.

Our ancestors are watching. And they do not expect us to go quietly into that dark night.

My work while at the hub and countless months before that have been in the preparation of a project to spur my generation and everything connected to it towards a rise against this challenge ahead.

I believe concept films have the potential to show a better future. Condensing complex solutions down into bitesized visual and emotional forms that tell a story of the ideal. Each part backed by further breakdowns, examples, showcases, experiments, data and knowledge. Added to by the crowd behind that idea to bring shared wisdom to its roots. A compelling vision with a plan to bring it into existence. If we can align a large group of people in a way that allows wide scale collaboration around a project then our world of possibilities open up.

How can we create our economies to align us in these ways? What does ownership look like? Currency? Law? How can technology facilitate wide-scale trust? How can we return to our nature? Live better with each-other. In a way that allows us all to fulfil our potential through support and understanding.

These are the questions I aim to answer. I believe the solutions lie in the trends we already see. In coworking, in freelancing, in the creative fields, in film, in our side hussles, in our games and culture. In coliving, our relationships and our search for meaning and community in a structure that degrades these things.

I believe how we store, own, trust and share is about to undergo a shift and my hope is to shine the light for that path ahead.

Being involved with the gathering of minds at art/earth/tech I have met fascinating people from a variety of backgrounds that all share in some common underlying direction. I have been able to connect and learn from others that share my purpose through the hub gatherings.

Having the pleasure to live among those drawn by similar goals I can truly appreciate the potential of curated living. Introductions to new channels of thinking. Conversations to make an evening meals feel almost sacred.

I have been here through the transition of the London hub. From old hub members to a new regeneration. I have seen old traditions die and the seeds of new ones form. Though I may have been looking for balance and stability myself I have learnt about how others approach change. About the notions of home and novelty.

I may not have fully found what I first was looking for but perhaps understanding transition at a further level is far more important.

For we all need to know how we can become comfortable in change. In each-other. Around our egos and their endless dances. In our changing climate and social systems.

It is better to build our home in the unknown. Then have all the known lost, in our inability to adapt.

Alex Kennedy

February 2020