Recruiting! Art Earth Tech Hub manager, Berlin

Location: Art Earth Tech hub, Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany

We request that you live in the Hub as a requirement to fulfil the role

Contract: 4 days a week, permanent

Salary: €36,000 p/a (£30,000) pro rata

To apply: please email [email protected]

Our purpose

A growing number of us are seeking lives that are meaningful as well as productive, yet we often struggle to find a balance. We need a wiser way of living whilst remaining engaged in conventional society. A way to live in cities whilst being in community, to be present as well as purposeful, that supports us to be the best version of ourselves. We are building that way starting with co-living communities across Europe. We opened in Berlin in September 2019 and are opening more spaces in April 2020.

Art / Earth / Tech is a multi-disciplinary initiative including artists, ecologists researchers and technologists. Its goal is to foster a community of people making a wise, well and beautiful world. Activities include developing coliving spaces; building a network via gatherings and events; and sharing knowledge via education and research. Find out more at

Purpose of the role

To develop the culture of Art Earth Tech to enable a flourishing community in and around our Berlin hub in Kreuzberg.

Being part of Art Earth Tech

When you work with Art Earth Tech, you get to have your work and purpose aligned in a way that stretches you to your potential. You get to be part of an expanding network that really stands for cultural change in practice, not just believing in it. Our community and the new people you’ll meet tend to be pioneers who are up for transforming society. The events and gatherings you generate can be based on your own enquiry and community around cultural change. The creativity and passion you contribute will shape how Art Earth Tech is in Berlin and contribute to the overall direction of the organisation.

You will join a learning organisation whose internal culture matches what we want to see in the world with compassionate straight communication, coaching and hard work. In return you’ll receive support, development and be part of a community that believes in your greatness. And you can travel to our rural spaces in France and our urban hub in Hoxton, London.

Key responsibilities

Leadership and vision

  • Hold the Art Earth Tech culture and brand in Berlin: be the ‘go-to’ person for AET in Germany
  • Contribute to Art Earth Tech’s strategy and core work
  • Build the brand to be known and respected for its initiatives, and leverage this to support the business plan
  • Maintain and manage the quarterly and annual project goals
  • Report into Art Earth Tech core team and attend our Gatherings and Sprints in France
  • Work with the remote team on communications, marketing and brand representation
  • Report into GNS on building, accounts and tenancy management

Community building

  • Find new members to the Art Earth Tech spaces and manage their agreements
  • Coordinate regular community activity including practices, events, social media and internal communications
  • Conduit between community members and Art Earth Tech
  • Establish and maintain relationships with local partners
  • Organise and generate events with the community in the event space

Facilities management

  • Financial management and financial literacy for bookkeeping and managing budgets
  • Manage the facilities, legal requirements and tenancy agreements
  • Oversee repairs and general maintenance of the building

Skills and experience

  • High level of motivation, initiative and self direction alone with being a good team support and collaborator and ability to motivate others
  • Experience with community hosting and facilitation, and any conflict resolution / mediation / dialogue practices.
  • Comfortable with dynamic and fluid organizational culture, able to creatively work through challenges to get the job done, and done well
  • Experience with project and budget planning and management
  • Experience with managing construction, trade workers and active project sites
  • Experience with research to ensure projects are in line with required permits, regulations and approvals
  • Ability and interest in coaching and good communication
  • Experience in real estate management is desirable
  • Speak German and English (essential)

Who you are

You are an optimist, you are a stand for people and helping them realise their potential. You see beyond the drama of day to day and hold people to their greatness. You do not get caught up in gossip or stories, and are able to see through all that to what’s often behind it. You participate and follow philosophical discussions and can apply that to the everyday living. You can also switch from discussing Heidegger to checking if there is enough loo roll for an event. Having worked or lived in community before, you value your boundaries and know when they can spill over. You are giving and you are responsible. When it’s lights out, its lights out.

You give your word to things and are open to when that word has to be broken. You are comfortable in confrontation and donâ’t avoid conflict. You are practicing non judgement on yourself and others. You are coherent in your communication and your way of being. You prioritise your way of being and are not attached to your thoughts and feelings. You really want to make a difference to people’s lives. You believe whole heartedly in community being where that difference can happen: collective action is the way! You like to play, like other human beings, like to see connections and bridge networks, like to host and celebrate, and are a stand for a wiser culture.