Life Itself

One Taiwan

The election just happened and revealed a gap in the value system between two generations.

How can we bring Taiwan back together after this election and celebrate the many faces of Taiwan?

Sylvie Shiwei Barbier will be performing a theatrical dialogue with the audience to open the space and go beyond identities, political views and generations. She breaks the usual rules of the separation between the artist and the audience. Art here functions to point to an ultimate dimension, from One Cosmos, to one earth to reveal the One Taiwan.

There is an essence in each of us, something that can not be broken, that can not die. Something that is eternal where all is one. My art is to bring that present to you.

When: Thursday 27th February 18:00

Where: Acid Lab, Taipei, Taiwan

For more information, please see the Facebook event here

About the Artist

Sylvie Shiwei Barbier is an artist with French / Taiwan background and identity and co-founder of the Art / Earth / Tech community. Good at interacting with people through different forms such as behavior, performance art, Graphic Photography and films. Past performances covered topics such as birth, death, laughter, memory, longing, family and instincts. The body is her main art language, with a special background, built a bridge between east and west aesthetics.