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Human // Nature // Stories 29th February 2020

“When we lose our myths we lose our place in the universe”

– Madeleine L’Engle

Join us at this event curated by our London Hub member Hannah: Human // Nature // Stories. Here she describes the enquiry and why she has put on this event.

Humans have woven stories since the dawn of time. Speckled across the pages of our existence is the ink of myth, fable, & folklore, and the echoes of adventurous anecdotes and worldly tales linger from centuries ago…

Using a variety of tools, such as language, art, movement, & sound, humans have crafted narratives about what it means to be alive in the world for millennia. Whilst our cultures may have changed, the essence of human nature remains intact, buried deep within the scriptures of the soul.

Fictive or not, we have used stories to make sense of things throughout our evolution, both individually and collectively.

In an undefinable world filled with undefinable phenomena, such as consciousness and love, we are compelled by our very nature to understand all that we experience, and in our attempts we inadvertently bring forth beauty through poetry, music, revolutionary conversation and so on. We also unwittingly bring forth delusion.

Some argue that the human desire to forge meaning through such methods misses the point, others argue that meaningless meaning-making is the point.

Today, the way we see ourselves in the world is a dark tale, one in which a separation from nature, spirit, and wisdom has caused a rift in inter-human and human-Earth relations. Our world is made of stories. How might we envision a new one in a time of crisis?

From bedtime stories to the grandiose meta-narratives of our time, expect interdisciplinary, enlivening wisdom from a band of tale-telling poets, artists, and philosophers.

Question: How can we use stories to reevaluate and more effectively understand human nature in a time that requires a new way of being?

Aim: Understanding how humans have told their collective story throughout the ages, and what kind of story we need now.

When: Saturday 29th February 10:00 – 23:30

Where: The Boiler House, 152 Brick Lane, E1 5RU, London


Storytelling & Performance:

  • Andreas Kornevall >>> Entering the Age of Restoration
  • Rachel Rose Reid
  • Tom Morley
  • Lucy Neal (with Charlotte Du Cann)
  • The Embers Collective
  • Boe Huntress
  • Mobius Loop


  • Andrew Simms >>> We Are More Than This – the Death of an Economic Myth
  • Mac Macartney >>> The Invisible Path
  • Vinay Gupta >>> Across the Abyss: From Myth to Reality
  • Charlotte Du Cann >>> The Kist


  • Media & Storytelling

Katherine T Lewis, Indra Adnan, Matthew Green, Alexander Beiner

  • Ancient Wisdom For Modern Times

Maria Papaspyrou, Mac Macartney, Amisha Ghadiali, Liam Kavanagh

For more information on the guest speakers and for tickets, please see here