Our Philosophy

Transformative Culture – Inside and Out

In May last year, I joined Art Earth Tech full of beans to join this team committed to cultural activism, and grounded in community living.

Those are our outputs: thought leadership in creative events, gatherings, writings on the transformation that needs to happen, and what and why its not happening at the rate of change needed. Active communities in coliving hubs across Europe who are our pioneers in forming new ways of being, with intention in mostly dense urban centres, and investment in our future for more communities across Europe.

However, there is another delicious treat that is missing from who and what Art Earth Tech are: and that is how we be with one another. Our internal work culture is primary – we place intention and attention on our communication practices; on a coaching style of support and on the integrity of our systems and the practice of how we organise as a team, fit for growth and modelling a cleared community.

When I say cleared, I mean ‘emotionally cleared’:

Emotional Clearing is the practice of bringing awareness to our mental and emotional compulsions and reactions in order to “heal” them or integrate them.

What that looks like in practice is colleagues simply asking: what’s really there for you? what’s in the way of you feeling clear to get on with your work? Often it may be fear after experiences in the past such as a failed event, or it may be history with a person that needs to be resolved. It makes it possible then to act on what is blocking you from getting stuff done – and done well. We clear ourselves with an outflow, just three minutes.. and this can restore your integrity. For the more we are up to in our lives, the more we need to communicate when we may not be able to keep to our word. Which is not bad or good, you’re never going to do all the things you said you were going to do. And we get that! This may seem obvious and too simple to need a blog on, but actually to have the trust and space within a team to open up what’s behind your inertia, discomfort or loss of integrity, is highly valuable for our organisation.

We are a remote team too, working in Bristol, London, outside Paris and sometimes Berlin. Therefore, instilling a culture we all honour and practice is crucial as habits, distractions and other projects can quickly take us off track and our communication, and essentially our love, can get sluggish. Recently, I got stuck in what I call my ‘sludge’. Where I would have inspiring, optimistic and regenerative calls with my colleagues and then a few days later I would be back into feeling the drudge of pushing up hill – a common sense from activists pushing against the tide of cultural norms and expectations. The penny dropped as to why we, Art Earth Tech, exist: for people like me! If you lived in a community of people whom you could call on for a quick call to get something off your chest and transform your being in that context, imagine how free and energised we would all be to get done what really needs to get done. We would be clear to focus on what’s important, rather than being held back by our thoughts, feelings, stories…! This liberated me, and gave me fire to make this possible and now I want to make this available for many. If any of this resonates with your group experiences as an area you would like to bring attention to, please do get in touch with Petronella [email protected]