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Returning to Mystery, Saving Ourselves: Blind Spots

Our second Blind Spots event: Returning to mystery, Saving Ourselves will take place on the 19th of May from 3.30pm-5h30pm (doors at 3:15) at St. Ethelburga’s Centre for Peace and Reconciliation, 78 Bishopsgate, London, EC2N 4AG.

Artists, activists, therapists, and scientists will connect the many routes “out of our head” through art, mindfulness, nature, and therapy. Our increased interest in these comes from a sense that it is now time to embrace awareness, from personal trauma to climate change. We will also conclude with an artistic ritual for the release of certaintly and control, the impulse that keeps us out of the present.

Here are a list of presenters:

Therapy: Giselle Genillard, founder of SOS Internationale was criss-crossing the globe to shepherd people through recovery from trauma long before that became the hot new thing. She’ll discuss the mysterious role of the therapist’s presence and the relation between inner and outer awareness.

Science: Nafees Hamid studies youth at risk for (destructive) radicalisation, this work has shown him that the West needs to reassess its relationship with the sacred.

Contemplation: Cognitive scientist and meditator Liam Kavanagh will explain why escaping from conceptual knowledge has become such a fascination in the West.

Activism: Skeena Rathor and Mothiur Rahman of Extinction Rebellion will discuss what the role that returning to mystery can play in this crucial movement.

Art: Acclaimed artist Sam Winston will discuss the role of mystery in artistic practice.

Performance: Performance artist Sylvie Barbier will lead the ritual for releasing the dream of certainty and control.

Why the return to mystery:

Lately, one hears a lot about “being present”, and “getting out of our heads”, “embodiment”, “bodywork”, somatic therapy, yoga, meditation, and more. There are similarities in the way these things are being talked about, and it never seems possible to draw a clear line through them, or to say precisely how they are connected. The impossibility of being talked about precisely is part of what brings these things together.

We are suspicious of things that can’t be said precisely, but this is because we highly attached to certainty. We will thus end the gathering with an artistic ritual to release our dreams of knowing it all.

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