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Coliving: March 2019 AET London Sprint

We had a sprint in our London Hub on the topic of Coliving. We had some refreshing and exciting discussions, which you can catch up on below. In attendance were Penny, Tom, Cecile, Rufus, and Sylvie.

Planning for V2 of London Hub

We spoke about our plans for V2 of our London Hub. For example, Rufus put together lots of research of properties that might be suitable for our Coliving dream:

Rufus also created a list on, to the same end:

The full list can be found at:

We looked into the specific example of a property in Newspeak House. We looked at the benefits of the property, and the types of people it would suit:

  • 2000 sq ft
  • 12-18 bedrooms
  • 2 guest bedrooms
  • Communal kitchen living x 2
  • Coworking / event space
  • Winter garden / rooftop terrace
  • Tube / overground within 500m
  • Buzzing area of london – 20m max
  • £4-6m
  • 21-40 age bracket
  • Not for families so much …
  • AET Vision sharers

Work on the Coliving Idea

We also spoke at length about the general idea of Coliving, and how we could make A/E/T a front-runner in this sphere. Here you can see the ideas that we brainstormed:

Painting Morning

To get our creative juices flowing, so that we could brainstorm more effectively and come up with better ideas on coliving, we spent the morning painting. Here are the beautiful results: