Transforming Taiwan’s Education – with a LEAP

I created this situation, complication, question and hypothesis (SCQH) in September on the Art / Earth / Tech nucleus retreat. In November, at our community sprint we chose the name “The LEAP” (Life Expression and Aspiration Project) to describe the initiative I hope to start to pursue the hypothesis.


Taiwan is a small highly populated island where children work long hours at school and tutoring often from 8am until 11pm at night and have very little holiday. Children and parents are not happy and fundamental values in education are “listen and obey”. There is an underlying sense of shame, inferiority and fear for the future and this education system is not creating the skills and being that will work going forward as the industrial economy and society adapt to a post-industrial era where creativity, autonomy are important.


The current education system is highly inefficient, dissatisfying, and does not produce what really matters for the economy or society e.g. real creativity, self-confidence, autonomy (independence), freedom and satisfaction (joy). Beneath that there is a lack of hope and widespread anomie: people study hard for a doomed future and everything has to be small, and there is no room to breathe when Taiwan could “be” [and imagine] big.


What can be done in education to create children, citizens and a society that [are proud themselves], have a true sense of (high) self-worth, are self-expressed, spirited, joyful (relaxed), and believe in the possibility of creating an exciting future?


To create a [self-funding] after school and/or summer school program in Taiwan for children of XXX age [incorporating cutting edge pedagogical techniques] that trains them in freedom of spirit and leadership increasing their self-worth, self-expression and excitement about the future and acts as a demonstrator, incubator, inspiration and argument for future educational and social reform.