Our Philosophy

First Lightt

This week we share a poem written by Art Earth Tech member Sarah Hickson, titled ‘First Light’.

Photographs by Sarah Hickson

First Light

Sand, gritty and strangely cool underfoot,

A pale, liquid dawn sky.

Overnight the wind

has gently caressed the dunes

into unblemished ripples

that playfully catch

the sun’s early morning song.

Shadows form voluptuous pools,

curved like the body

of a reclining animal,

or the contours of a human face.

In the distance the gnarled, twisted trunk

of an ancient tamarisk tree

crawls across the parched earth.

I stand motionless.

And breathe.

I breathe in the silent beauty of the desert.

And the promise of a new beginning.

© Sarah Hickson January 2017