We are pragmatic utopians.

We’re committed to practical action for a radically wiser, weller world. We create hubs, start businesses, do research and engage in activism to pioneer a wiser culture.


We can’t do it alone. Our hubs provide spaces for pragmatic utopians to come together, deepen their practice, and create the culture our species requires to avoid ecological and social catastrophe. 


We write at the intersection of Eastern wisdom and Western materialism. We see the world through the inner perspective, of individuals and cultures, and their material components. Our research exists to create a shared vocabulary that enables the discussion of inner life on matters of public importance. 


We practice what we preach. Our coaching facilitates personal transformation. Personal transformation leads to collective action (and it feels great too!).

The Wise Living Fund

We’re seeking investment to make our vision real. An investment in the Wise Living Fund is an investment in land and property used to create wise co-living communities. Together, we’re building the culture our sustainable future requires. 


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Our Collaborators

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